A Note From Brely

My Auntie Gracie!!

The life of any party! She taught me to love myself just the way I am! Not because she told me to but by the way she LOVED HERSELF! She only ate certain foods, she had to have the first cup of coffee out of a fresh pot, she made her own ice cream and ordered her steaks online from the best meat companies around and taught me to make puff pasty biscuits from scratch. We fought over her tea cakes every year until Renee learned how to make them! She LIVED A BIG LIFE! She LOVED HARD TOO! I’m like her in so many ways! My Auntie went viral before it was popular because she Always kept it REAL!! I miss the great advice and knowing someone was always making sure we knew our family roots. My firecracker is gone but never forgotten and she will live on in me!

Love you Auntie Gracie!!


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